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Special Seminar - Wire Flying

An introduction to the basic mechanics of wire action.

  • 5,000 Japanese yen
  • Location 1


In this Quiet Flame Special Seminar, students will be introduced to the basic mechanics of how to both fly on wires and work on a wire pull team. Members will rotate through roles so that by the end of the seminar, they will have an understanding of how wire flying works on both ends- from the position of the flyer doing the actual stunt and from that of the various pull team members. While flying, they will get to learn and practice the following movements: - super human jumps - pendulum swings - flipping - balancing - jerk-backs - integrating in fight choreography **1000yen discount for JECA Members. Please visit JECA Members Pricing" Page to make the payment there.



  • 81 80 5431 9348

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