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Fists of Absinthe
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Although not officially under the Quiet Flame flag, Fists of Absinthe or ”アブサンの拳” in Japanese was Quiet Flame's first official professional film production. It was produced and co-written by Chuck and featuring stuntwork by all our own members.


As one of Japan's first successful Youtubers at the time, Chuck was given the chance to create the film as a co-production between Youtube and Toei Studios. Out of 10 scripts selected for the project, Fists of Absinthe was one of the top three selected to have full access to Toei Studio's "Movie Village" as well as costumes, transportation to Kyoto, and all the necessary camera equipment to shoot the film. 

To further bolster the project, Chuck approached Adidas to use the film to promote their new Ultra-Boost Running Shoes, earning himself, his co-star, and his stunt team the shoes to wear during the film. In exchange, Adidas agreed to promote the film on their official twitter account. 

After it's release, Fists of Absinthe went to on to become an official selection at the Urban Action Showcase in New York, and won a nationwide distribution deal for Japan through TBS digital distribution across 40 channels and streaming services. It's title track, "Green Fairy" was also distributed on iTunes. This was all done on only a budget of $5000. 


In keeping with the film's Youtube roots, it stayed on Chuck's Youtube channel outside of Japan, and was also picked up by Amazon Prime. 

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On his maiden trip to Japan, a Samurai-obsessed American named Frank is taken to a local, hole-in-the-wall bar by his friend, Hiro. After being rejected by the first local girl he speaks to, Frank feels down on his luck, and to console him, the bartender offers him a drink called Absinthe in a bright green glowing bottle. To help console his friend, Hiro drinks the bottle with Frank, and the two of them promptly pass out. Together they wake up in Edo-era Japan, and are taken through a comedic time slip action frenzy where they have to work together to battle both samurai and ninja to find their way back home.

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