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Special skills
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Special Seminars; swords.jpg

Quiet Flame Special Skills classes are designed to cover all of the skills that an actor would need for action cinema that would not be covered in our fight choreography classes. Although all of our instructors are bi-lingual, seminars are conducted in English. 

These include 

  •  Firearms & Military Movement (Tactical Firearms, room clearing, group movements, etc) 

  • Edged weapons  (Katana, Rapier, Knives) 

  • Flexible weapons (how to fight with scarves, belts, towels, etc). 

  • Wire Action ( jerk backs, super jumps, flipping, etc) 

  • Horseback Riding for Film

** As they require special instructors, and locations, Wire Action and Horseback Riding do incur extras costs. By themselves the seminars are 6000yen and with with a full membership, there is a 50% discount dropping the price to 3000yen. 

Feel free to see the videos below to get a sense of what the classes look like. 

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