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Making Payments at Quiet Flame

All quiet flame programs run via monthly subscription and are paid for via credit card. This allows all of our instructors to focus their energy and class time on teaching instead of having to handle, sort-through or process cash payments. This also ensures that both we and our customers always have digital receipts for all purchases made. 

For our kids Taekwondo program in particular, we feel that this is also  important as we prefer that our kids not see us receiving cash from the parents.  In doing so, we can maintain the feeling that we are a learning environment first and a business second. 

The only exception to this rule are: 

  • regular (weekly) private lessons

  • adults who are pay-per-class. 

  • People who do not own a credit card

In this case payments can also be made via bank transfer here: 


Bank: SMBC

Branch: Sakura Shinmachi

Branch Number: 658

Account Number: 7024915

Account Name: Quiet Flame Productions

In the case of people who don't have a credit card, and cannot do a bank transfer, cash payments can be accepted, but we request that you bring the exact payment in an envelope with the student's name and payment on it. Our instructors (including Chuck) cannot give change back from their personal cash. 

See Prices for all of programs and goods
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